The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers accommodation facilities in the campus for the duration of all three years of study.
See where you can stay:

Student Hostel no. 12

Student Hostel no. 15

Student Hostel no. 17

Located at a very short distance from the headquarters of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (5 minute walk), the campus offers a lively authentic atmosphere, due to the focusing in the same area of over 20 student hostels, cafes, restaurants and discos. Romanian and foreign students from all universities of Timisoara, starting with the University of the West and continuing with the Polytechnic University or the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, confer the student campus in Timisoara its uniqueness, due to its diversity and intercultural character. Moreover, the campus is located in the center of the city, only a few minutes away from the river Bega and from the historical part of the city, and it is also connected by tramway and by bus from all parts of the city.