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Do you want studies in Romanian Language or in other Foreign Language?

a) For those who want to study in Romanian language – if the candidate knows the Romanian Language but does not have a Romanian Language Certificate or Diploma, he/she must obtain it following an exam at Faculty of Letters, History and Theology. Only after passing this language exam, the candidate shall be accepted into the first year of study. The persons proving with documents that they have attended at least 4 years of study in Romanian language do not need to pass this language exam anymore.

If the candidate does not know the Romanian language, he/she must attend Preparatory Year for learning Romanian language. In the first semester, at Preparatory Year, at Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, the students will study Romanian Language as a Foreign Language and in the second semester the students will study the Romanian terms of the domain where he/she will continue the studies: medical, technical, mathematics, economics, law, humanistic, artistic, musical, agronomy etc.

b) For those who want to study in an international foreign language - the language test is required if the candidate can not prove that he/she had studied in the respective language.

1. Undergraduate Studies (3 years)

2. Postgraduate Studies, Master (2 years)

3. Dotoral Studies (3 years)