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Develop Great People and
Organizations for Future


The international research project is run as an international initiative between three universities from 3 countries:

  • West University of Timisoara, Romania,
  • Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey– with the support of Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Research and Application Center and
  • Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Management, Poland.

With an innovator design, the international research and scholarly experience named DEVELOP GREAT PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS FOR FUTURE – INTERNATIONAL JOINT RESEARCH EXPERIENCE PROJECT will help the undergraduate and graduate students to improve their research skills and competencies, offering a rewarding international young research experience.



The globalized business and innovative environment create a growing need for employees that can operate in a variety of socio-economic and cultural conditions capable of handling the complexities that arise while working in an international context.

As educators and researchers, we firmly believe that the advancement of HRM education and research experience to a new level of excellence can only be achieved through the collaborative effort of international education and research.


1st DAY
27th May 2022

Romanian Time
  • 5.00 - 5.30pm

    Opening Ceremony DGPOF
    Welcome messages from Poland, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Moldova, Portugal, Tanzania, Pakistan, Romania

  • 5.30 - 6.00pm
    Academic lecturer: ’’The existential problems of the mushrooms in the room: Why this is not a research question (yet)?’’ Special Guest Researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luisa Pinto, Portugal
  • 6.00 - 8.00pm
    Students presentations
  • 6.00 - 6.40pm
    Turkey delegation(1st part) 2 presentations
  • 6.45 - 7.00pm
    e-Coffee Time
  • 7.00 - 8.00pm
    Turkey delegation(2nd part)-1 presentation
    Romanian delegation - 2 presentations
  • 8.00 - 8.10pm
    Daily feedback


2nd DAY
28th May 2022

Romanian Time
  • 9.00am-12.00pm
    Academic writing workshop: ’’How to write an article for an international journal’’
    Co-chairman: Assoc.Prof. Agata Pierscieniak Ph.D. , Poland
    Co-chairman: Assist. Prof. Masood Kalyar Ph.D., Pakistan
  • 12.00pm - 2.00pm
    e-Lunch Time
  • 2.00 - 2.40pm
    Poland delegation - 2 presentations
  • 2.40 - 3.20pm
    Moldova delegation - 2 presentations
  • 3.30 - 3.45pm
    e-Coffee Time
  • 3.50 - 4.50pm
    Albania delegation -3 presentations
  • 4.50 - 5.10pm
    Serbia delegation -1 presentation
  • 5.10 - 5.20pm
    Feedback 1
  • 5.20 - 6.20pm
    Turkey delegation(3rd part) -3 presentations
  • 6.20 - 6.30pm
    Feedback 2
  • 6.30 - 6.40pm
    Closing ceremony

Research Centers & Comitees

Research Centers & Comitees

The Center for Sustainable Development Faculty of Economics, Business and Development European University of Tirana, Albania

The Center for Sustainable Development was established in 2018, based on the EUT Statute and law 80/2015 “On higher education and scientific research in the institutions of higher education in the Republic of Albania”. It is the integral part of the Faculty of  Economics, Business and Development and assists the Faculty’s research activities. The center aims to transform itself into a hub of expertise in the field of  sustainable development and  to become a Centre of Excellence for publishing high-quality research with a potentially important contribution in social and economic development through knowledge transfer beyond the academic community towards public and private institutions as well as interest groups.

Prof. Dr. Drita KRUJA
Vice Rector
European University of Tirana

Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Research and Application Center Istanbul Zaim University, Turkey

The Rectorate and Senate of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University has decided to establish a “Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Application and Research Center” within the University. Our university, which is rapidly growing among the universities in our country with its management, academic and administrative staff, campus, quality of education, academic researches and publications, has established a new center in the field of social sciences in addition to its existing research centers. The reason for the establishment of this center is to fill the gap in management, leadership and entrepreneurship which is the biggest necessity today, to provide practical education along with theoretical to our students, to carry out researches, to carry out academic studies and to make scientific publications. Leadership is the function of leading, guiding and heading a group, a collective, la company an organization, a community, a society, a country in conjunction with the field of management (within management area). Includes various fields such as company, institution, social community, political community, state, country starting from the family. Humans own nature also have close interest in management and leadership qualities. As a result, success or failure will bring good or bad, positive or negative picture in terms of leadership. Moreover our University’s name Zaim which means Leader is meaningful in that sense. Entrepreneurship is a beneficial activity which allows an individual to strand out in economics, to have the freedom of doing business. It is an activity that brings added value to the welfare and happiness of people and society it’s also encouraged by our belief. The future of a country depends on its economic power and its economic power depends on how successful it is in entrepreneurship. It is impossible for an economic model structure and based on public sector employment only to be competitive and sustainable for the country. This fact has been noticed with many examples in recent history of the world. The way to manufacture, to trade, to export, to employ, contestability, development is through positive and successful entrepreneurship. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that it is encouraged and supported by private sector, universities and decision-making public and political authorities. “The Future is Youth and Entrepreneurship.” Taking all these reasons and objectives into account, a Research and Implementation Center has been established to deal with “Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship” in İZÜ and we strongly believe that beneficial studies will be done for our students, our university and our country.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf DINҪ
Board of Directors
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Güran YUMUŞAK
Prof. Dr. İbrahim GÜNEY
Asst. Prof. Özgür KÖKALAN
Asst. Prof. Mustafa ÇAKIR

East-European Center for Research in Economics and Business, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timișoara, Romania

East-European Center for Research in Economics and Business (ECREB) is affiliated with Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from West University of Timisoara (Romania), founded in June 2012 and accredited by the Senate of  West University of Timisoara in January 2013. ECREB functions as a research center, with full freedom of expression, focused on economics and business research areas. The center also strongly promotes partnerships with other centers and laboratories for research and/or similar institutions all over the word. ECREB is included in the  first Romanian online platform, connecting the research infrastructure owners with potential clients – ERRIS (Engage in the Romanian Research Infrastructure System). ERRIS is hosted by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI).

Executive Director Prof. Dr. Gabriela Mircea
Board of Directors
Senior Researcher Dr. Habil. Stefana Maria Dima
Prof. Univ. Dr. Habil. Nicoleta Sîrghi
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Habil. Gratiela Noja

Scientific Committee
Prof. DRITA KRUJA Ph.D., Albania
Assoc. Prof. LUISA HELENA PINTO Ph.D., Portugal
Assoc. Prof. Habil. AGATA PIERŚCIENIAK Ph.D., Poland
Assoc. Prof. Habil. ERYK GRODZINSKI Ph.D., Poland
Assoc. Prof. Habil. IZABELA KRAWCZYK -SOKOLOWSKA  Ph.D., Poland
Assist. Prof.MASOOD NAWAZ KALYAR Ph.D., Pakistan
Assoc. Prof. IVANA KOVACEVIC Ph.D., Serbia
Lecturer KELVIN MWITA Ph.D., Tanzania
Prof. ALIC BIRCA Ph.D., Moldova
Prof. IBRAHIM GÜNEY, Ph.D., Turkey
Assist. Prof. WAQAR BADSHAH Ph.D., Turkey
Assist. Prof. NICOLETA ISAC Ph.D., Turkey
Prof. PETRU STEFEA Ph.D., Romania
Assoc. Prof. DENISA ABRUDAN Ph.D., Romania
Assoc. Prof. Habil. CLAUDIU BOTOC Ph.D., Romania
Assoc. Prof. Habil. GRATIELA NOJA Ph. D., Romania
Assoc. Prof. IOANA VADASAN, Ph.D., Romania
Prof. Habil. NICOLETA SIRGHI Ph.D., Romania
Assoc. Prof. MARIUS IOAN PANTEA Ph.D., Romania
Senior Researcher Ph.D. Habil. STEFANA MARIA DIMA, , Romania
Researcher MADALINA MATICIUC Ph.D., Romania
Assoc. Prof. DANA-CODRUTA DAIANU Ph.D., Romania
Assist. BENIAMIN BOSCAI Ph.D., Romania
Organizing Committee
Graphic Designer Iuliana Tivadar, Romania
Master student ANDREI NISTORESCU, Romania
Student DENNIS BARANCI, Romania
Student FLAVIUS ARGANE, Romania
Master student BIANCA MIREA, Romania
Master student CRISTIANA POP, Romania
Master student FLORINA TODOR, Romania

The main benefit of this International Research Experience is that it provides the students with an excellent opportunity to talk about their research project and their research findings with other students and scholars and professionals both in and outside their field. Additional benefits include networking, increased public speaking skills, and presentation experience, which will help future careers.

— Denisa ABRUDAN, Associate Professor FEAA UVT